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YILNAC Network launches its support project for indigenous peoples on sustainable agriculture techniques, the processing of agricultural products and non-timber forest products in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Publié le 19/05/2023 - Catégorie: Climate Change ...

In its mission to Mobilize, inspire and build the capacity of young indigenous leaders and their organizations in the research, identification, development and dissemination of tangible nature-based indigenous solutions to the ecological and climate crises that affect the majority of indigenous peoples and local communities in Africa, initiated a project with the aim of helping to improve food security while developing economic activities and supporting rural micro-enterprises that rely on traditional knowledge.

This has made it possible to improve the management of natural resources in the Democratic Republic of Congo and to support the 122 local grassroots organizations of indigenous peoples in the YILNAC Network.

32 indigenous leaders had been trained in the areas of community mobilization, agricultural and forestry production techniques, marketing and sale of agricultural products; And expressed their interest in improving methods of early planting of food crops, soil amendment, domestication of forest and agro-forestry species, processing and marketing of products.

This initiative has made it possible to strengthen the social cohesion of local communities, as well as their ability to dialogue with other communities.


Activities carried out in November 2022