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YILNAC Network: Distinguished participant and organization representing young indigenous leaders at AFRICA YOUTH CLIMATE ASSEMBLY (AYCA 2023) in Nairobi - Kenya

Publié le 05/09/2023 - Catégorie: Générale ...

From September 1 to 3, 2023, leaders (Members of the African Union and young people from all African countries, as well as young people from other continents and different donors met in Nairobi on the sidelines of AFRICA YOUTH CLIMATE ASSEMBLY ( AYCA).

Through its co-founder and Executive Secretary Mr. Polydor MUSAFIRI, Young Indigenous Leaders for Nature and Climate - YILNAC Network made its contribution during these meetings.
This is with reference to Article 19 of the African Youth Charter; Sustainable development and environmental protection that young people and their African leaders as well as their donors have engaged in discussions:
1. States Parties recognize the direct interest of young people
people in the protection of the natural environment as inheritors of the environment;
2. Train young people in the use of technologies that protect and
conserve environments;
3. Support youth organizations in implementing programs that encourage environmental preservation such as waste reduction, recycling and tree planting programs;
4. Facilitate the participation of young people in the design and implementation and evaluation of environmental policies, including
conservation of Africa’s natural resources at local, national, regional and international levels;

The work provided by young people in support of their leaders and donors culminated in producing a declaration and recommendations.
Read the entire document by following this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/my-drive